3 pm Saturday 18 December 2022
Theatre 3

Join us to to celebrate the Best in Show for 2022.

Last year, because 2020 and 2021 were such difficult years for community theatre, we held an informal event – CATS Interrupted! – to recognise excellence in the productions that were able to be mounted. If you haven’t seen the results, check them out here:

We can’t pretend that we’re back to “business as usual” this year, so we feel it’s not time yet to return to our gala award nights. So we’re doing something very similar to last year’s CATS Interrupted! event, though perhaps with a touch more glamour and some more entertainment. We will again put to one side the regular categories, along with nominations and winners, and take the opportunity to recognise excellence in any aspect of community theatre, both on and off stage, during the year.